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Cristiano Deana cris a
Lun 21 Feb 2005 14:25:54 CET

On Monday 21 February 2005 15:20, Massimo Masson wrote:

> SI!!! :)


> Grande!!! :)

nessuno che mi conosce di persona avrebbe mai usato questo aggettivo ;)

> Questo č ciņ di cui avevo bisogno! E cosi' ho conosciuto anche
> /rescue... non si finisce mai... ;)

man rescue

     The /rescue directory contains a collection of common utilities intended
     for use in recovering a badly damaged system.  With the transition to a
     dynamically-linked root beginning with FreeBSD 5.2, there is a real pos-
     sibility that the standard tools in /bin and /sbin may become non-func-
     tional due to a failed upgrade or a disk error.  The tools in /rescue are
     statically linked and should therefore be more resistant to damage.  How-
     ever, being statically linked, the tools in /rescue are also less func-
     tional than the standard utilities.  In particular, they do not have full
     use of the locale, pam(3), and nsswitch libraries.

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