Time has come

Dave dave at gufi.org
Thu May 13 17:36:55 CEST 2004

Hi friends, developers.

Now I'm an informatic engineer, nothing is changed :)
So, let's start the develop of FreeSBIE 1.0.1 as planned
time ago.
I'm studying forth language (and ficl too) to change the
boot prompt in something useful the default one (beautiful,
indeed, but if you would like to pass - for example - 4 or 5 
parameters at boot time, it's very hard).
I'm thinking to a prompt like this one:
FreeSBIE prompt# 
and this could be useful if an user would like to set:
FreeSBIE prompt# lang=it, x11-wm=xfce, acpi=yes, user=dave

The associations (opzion=value) could be parsed in rc.d/* scripts
to allow full user customization and personalization during the
startup process.

The others two thing i'm planning to work at are:
- a script to install freesbie to hd;
- a couple of scripts to configure ethernet cards via curses or
  gtk2 (using python and py-ncurses and py-gtk bindings).

Let me know if you would like to help us, you are welcome
also if you are gay.


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