Does the current release of the FreeSBIE scripts match the docs?

Steve D. Perkins lists at
Mon Aug 22 22:21:22 CEST 2005

    I'm trying to build a custom ISO on FreeBSD 5.4, using the current 
release of the FreeSBIE scripts in the ports system 
(freesbie-0.0.20040207_1.tbz).  In my first couple of attempts, I used 
the ncurses menu system... but the resulting ISO's failed to boot, with 
error messages about not being able to find the kernel.  I'm now trying 
to create the ISO using the "0-9" scripts manually, but am still having 

    The documentation at "" says 
that you can build a smaller image by adding "MINIMAL=YES" to the 
"" file before running the scripts.  Apparently, this is 
supposed to result in "$LOCALDIR/files/make.conf.minimal" being used 
instead of "$LOCALDIR/files/make.conf" when running the script 
"".  However, this doesn't match up with the actual 
content of that script.  I don't know about anyone else's system, but my 
"" script contains the following:

. ./
echo "Building world..."
sleep 1
echo "\"This may take awhile, go get some runts...\""
cd /usr/src && $MAKE buildworld $MAKEOPT

    It seems to me that this script is running make on the makefile in 
"/usr/src" without consulting or doing anything at all with a 
"make.conf" or "make.conf.minimal" in the 
"/usr/local/share/freesbie/files" directory.  In fact, I find that 
"make.conf.minimal" doesn't even exist in that directory at all!  
Judging from how long the buildworld script has been running on my 
system now, I think it's safe to say there's nothing "minimal" about 
what it's doing.

    Is the documentation on "" 
older than the currently released version of the FreeSBIE scripts?  On 
the other hand, could the problem be that this documentation is much 
NEWER? (the latest FreeSBIE scripts seem to be over a year and a half 
out of date... is there a newer version coming soon that this 
documentation covers?).  I haven't had any success following the 
documentation so far, and am starting to get really frustrated with 
trying to build an ISO.

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