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Dario Freni saturnero at
Sun Jun 25 23:11:14 CEST 2006

Hi Markus!

Markus Boelter (m at wrote:
> Hi!
> At the moment I am working on the PXE NetBoot Server for the Summer  
> of Code 2006. Because BSDInstaller already has such one included, my  
> first step is to get BSDInstaller II (lua backend) working with  
> FreeSBIE II (and cleary the NetBoot Server).
> Andrew Turner did most of the BSDInstaller stuff in some FreeBSD  
> ports in the ports collection. I asked on the BSDInstaller list to  
> make a meta-port to easily add BSDInstaller to FreeSBIE II. Until now  
> there is no port for the lua backend. So I did the complete backend  
> into the plugin-directory and wrote (a very small) shell-script to  
> copy it on the right place in the Filesystem.
> What is still on my todo list is to have a simple way to start  
> BSDInstaller from the LiveCD and also get NetBoot Server running  
> completely. At the moment I still get a error when I boot from  
> another client, but that's only minor bugs because the kernel is  
> booting properly.
> Any feedback to far?

Sounds great.

Are your files available only on perforce or also outside? It would be
great to have something to test so we can give more accurate
feedback. If you want to share ISO images, I can give you access to
our builder/torrent seeder so everybody can test it. We can even put
it on our mirrors when we'll have a stable product.

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