[Fwd: FreeBSD hiding security stuff]

Massimo Lusetti massimo a datacode.it
Ven 4 Mar 2005 12:05:33 CET

Qualcuno ha seguito la cosa (molto divertente!) dal punto di vista di
FreeBSD !? :)

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> From: Theo de Raadt <deraadt a cvs.openbsd.org>
> To: misc a openbsd.org
> Subject: FreeBSD hiding security stuff
> Date: Fri, 04 Mar 2005 03:51:42 -0700
> A few FreeBSD developers apparently have found some security issue
> of some sort affecting i386 operating systems in some cases.
> They have refused to give us real details.
> A promise is now being made.
> If a bug is found in OpenSSH, which we believe to have security
> consequences, we wil inform FreeBSD last.
> Fair is fair.
> I really wish it was not this way, but after a week of trying to get the
> policy to be fixed, we are changing our policy as well.
> Without immediate action from them to repair their polcy, and a public
> apology for this, that policy will stand.


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