HEADS UP! Call for Tester for FreeSBIE-2.0.1

Matteo Riondato matteo a freebsd.org
Gio 25 Gen 2007 20:59:33 CET

as you may have noticed, there was a serious bug in FreeSBIE
2.0-RELEASE: devd didn't get started at boot due to a bug in the
backup plugin and USB mice didn't get any moused on their port. 

I solved this and other bugs (see recent commits) and would like you
to test a new image which will be released (when ready) as 2.0.1 . As
you're subscribed to this list, I think you're interested in FreeSBIE,
so I ask for your help.  It is available only on BitTorrent:

Please test it and report any bug or issue you find.
Thanks in advance
Matteo Riondato
FreeBSD Committer (http://www.freebsd.org)
G.U.F.I. Staff Member (http://www.gufi.org)
FreeSBIE Developer (http://www.freesbie.org)
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