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Magari a qualcuno di voi potra' interessare...
(io saro' a quello di Roma)

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events w/Sun Tech Outreach (Reggie+Nichole+ Evangelists)
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*Hello JUG Leaders and Champions,

The Italy Tech Days website is NOW Live....*


*Agenda:* http://it.sun.com/sunnews/events/2007/sept/jc07/agenda.jsp

_*For the Milan Tech Day:*_*   Registration site
 Sep 26th - 27th

    * There will be a *Welcome Reception* *in the Sponsor Pavillion at
      6:30PM on Sep 27th *in the Sponsorship Pavillion. *Nichole Scott
      and Reggie Hutcherson will be onhand to meet and greet *with the
      JUG leaders/Champions at the Reception.
    * Nichole will be getting a *local cell phone* from the Sun Italy
      team; As soon as I have that cell number then I will pass that
      number along to those folks wishing to connect with US at the
      Milan Tech Days.

_*For the Rome Tech Day:*_*   *_*Registration site

*_Sep 24-25th  -- there is *no welcome Reception event on the agenda
<http://it.sun.com/sunnews/events/2007/sept/jc07/agenda.jsp>*  *Reggie
Hutcherson **MAY** be available to meet with the Rome JUG Leaders at the
Hands On Lab Room -- Sept 25th 5:30pm -- 6:30pm*.  Nichole may also be


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