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Riccardo Torrini riccardo a
Dom 4 Set 2011 14:49:02 CEST

Wonderful page at

Just two hints (diff-like syntax) to make it better  :-)

(page moved)

- Hardware Detection Tool is a bootable floppy ...
+ ... is now a com32 image

  label hdt
    menu label Hardware Detection Tool Floppy
-   kernel memdisk
-   initrd images/hdt.img
+   kernel hdt.c32
(you obviously need a copy of syslinux-4.04/com32/hdt/hdt.c32 in the
tftp path)

My setup upgraded from syslinux 3.86 to 4.04 this morning...

(*) GUFI is the Italian FreeBSD User Group

Riccardo. ( )

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